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About Us

The TC Group is a professional Transaction Coordination and technology services firm specializing in real estate transactions, file organization, customer service, and business intelligence for complex decisions. We create a 10+ customer experience and specialize in having seamless transactions from Contract-to-Close for ALL parties involved; which creates meaningful conclusions regarding the information they contain. With The TC Group, the highest level of accuracy is possible while collecting information directly from the most reliable sources in the real estate industry to compute solutions using unparalleled processes and procedures.

Our technique used is based on the organizational requirements of the industry in which our products and services are being used, enabling the greatest possible understanding and insights into the emerging real estate market. This involves much more than just collecting information. The unique processes and procedures we have assists in gathering the information we collect to ensure the production of accurate, powerful, and current results.


The TC Group is a company of morals, values, and integrity. Our product and procedures along with our customer service were created to enable licensed real estate agents to relinquish their administrative duties and responsibilities to us in order to stay out front in the marketplace and focus on continued growth in the real estate business. This value is computed by analyzing information derived from the real estate agent's volume consisting of pending, closed, and sold properties. The analyzed information includes pertinent information gathered for the highest level of accuracy to create a comparative assessment.

The TC Group is headquartered in Charleston, SC, and is socially conscious and an equal opportunity employer.

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