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Our Contract to Close process was designed with the knowledge that no two transactions are the same. We aim to provide the highest level of service to our Agents and their clients through a fully customizable system that adapts to the needs of the transaction, the client and you.

Below you will find an outline of how we are able to personalize our service and deliver a smooth transaction where all of your and your client’s needs are met.

Agent Setup

● Onboarding call to introduce our process and learn more about your process
● We customize Workflows and Email Templates
● Vendor set up and Vendor Relationship management

● Team Branded email set up
● We set up weekly and/or monthly feature request meetings

● Ongoing workflow and template management


● You send us your ratified contract
● We review the ratified contract to ensure compliance
● We ensure earnest money has been submitted
● We enter contract information into your brokerage compliance software
● We communicate and confirm all important dates and deadlines 

Contract to Close

● We gather all relevant information and deliver it to the appropriate party
● We check in with the client every step of the way

  1.  Emails go out with list of important dates and next steps

● We assist with contacting and connecting all parties to the transaction

  1.  Verify Title/Lender have received all documents

  2.  Ensure Attorney/Title forms have been completed

● We order home warranties upon request
● We set all inspections, confirm with all parties, coordinate access, and remind all parties prior to inspections being conducted
● We coordinate repairs using your preferred vendors, schedule times, collect invoices, and keep all parties informed of time frames for completion

  1.  Send home inspection report for repair quotes upon request

  2.  Request Termite Bond information and transfer fees

  3.  Email relevant dates for all repairs/next steps to Agents and client

● We assist with gathering documents such as the elevation certificate, survey, plat, etc...
● We assist with the insurance binding process through obtaining quotes from your preferred providers and investigate the assumption of flood policies
● We compile a list of utilities and the company's contact information
● We assist with obtaining current mortgage payoff authorization forms

● We assist the appraisal process to ensure that it has been ordered, confirm that it can be removed as a contingency, and make sure that all parties are aware of status

Closing and Post Closing

● You close on time with minimal stress
● We ensure all invoices and addendums have been delivered to the appropriate party
● We can schedule (per Agent’s request) the pre-close walkthrough
● We coordinate last minute closing details such as wiring instructions and reminding the buyer to call the closing attorney prior to wiring funds

  1.  Check in with the lender to ensure dates and receipt of initial CD

  2.  Set dates and times for closing

  3.  Send utilities list to buyer

● We review the settlement statement and communicate any corrections to the attorney

  1.  Confirm funding and obtain signed closing package 

  2.  Complete a final audit

● We can request Testimonials and schedule post-close emails

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