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Sandra Patrick

Contact me for more information on our closing coordinator services or to submit a new contract.

Office: 843-971-9571 Ext 1

Cell: 843-814-7647

Email: Sandra.Patrick@sc-c2c.com

I appreciate your interest in South Carolina C2C, Formally Professional Real Estate Closers, LLC. Our proven closing system, we have been helping Lowcountry and SC Real Estate Agents quickly and efficiently move from contract to closing since 2002. With over 24 years of experience in real estate operations, we recognize the importance of allowing agents to focus on the business of selling homes and not getting bogged down by the administrative minutia that is a necessary evil of the industry.

Our services allow successful agents to focus on the moneymaking aspects of the real estate business. Agents can prospect, network, list properties, and close deals, while the detailed tracking and follow-up that is vitally important to closing are outsourced to us. We have developed and perfected a system that allows for a much higher closing ratio than is typical in agent-coordinated closings.

South Carolina C2C (SC-C2C) is a per-contract administrative service. We are not licensed real estate agents and do not compete for your clients. While we make every effort to move quickly to a smooth closing, we do not negotiate contracts: amendments, or sales price. We act as your back office team to help close the sale!

SC-C2C changes a flat fee. If the property doesn't close, we don't get paid! You spend money when you make money. That way, we have the same desire you do to move toward a quick. Successful closing!
I look forward to speaking to you in detail about the services we provide and discussing how SC-C2C can help take your business to the next level!


Our Contract to Close process was designed with the knowledge that no two transactions are the same. We aim to provide the highest level of service to our Agents and their clients through a fully customizable system that adapts to the needs of the transaction, the client, and you.

Below you will find an outline of how we can personalize our service and deliver a smooth transaction where all o your and your client's needs are met.

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